Two rotary encoders in the standard installation space

Two rotary encoders in the standard installation space

The applications in which double sensors are to increase the availability or safety increase continually. Usually, double rotary encoders are larger than single sensors. With the CD_58MM, TR-Electronic now offers a complete double multi turn rotary encoder that can make do with the standard installation space of a 58 mm rotary encoder. A typical encoder with push-on hollow shaft (blind shaft) needs a depth of approx. 65 mm at a nominal diameter of 58 mm and a lateral plug. The CD_58MM thus generally fits anywhere where a single SSI or incremental rotary encoder with a diameter of 58 mm is working now.

The angle position of the main shaft and multi turn satellites are recorded entirely magnetically, which makes the rotary encoder insensitive to dew formation. The electronics of both installed encoder assemblies are redundantly set up from the mains unit to the signal output. The SSI signals of both measuring systems are output via an M23 plug with 17 pins. Other connection versions are possible, but may require longer housings.

Resolution and zero point may be programmed independently for each channel. This also permits applications where one axle must supply various regulating and control systems that expect different resolutions. Cycle rates between the two SSI interfaces may deviate as well. For secure or highly available applications, commercial monitoring assemblies from the two SSI values provide required signals or a secured rotary encoder actual value for further processing for control and regulation. Since the multi turn part is also redundant, a suitable assembly can determine a reliable multi turn measured value right after activation of the plant - systems with a combination of SSI and incremental signal for monitoring must rely on or reference an SSI value when switching on.

The rotary encoder is either delivered with a full shaft with the common shaft diameters and flange geometries, or with a push-on hollow shaft (blind shaft) with a diameter up to 12 mm. Standardized designs such as the servo flange or clamping flange are available as well as inch-based geometries for markets overseas.

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